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Regs and Rules

Download West Jeff Baseball Regulations and Rules here:
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WJBB Regulations and Rules of Play


9-14 year olds & 8-year-old RC

As Amended August 2017



1. WJBB – West Jeff Baseball (legal description: West Jefferson Baseball Association).

2. RMJBL – Rocky Mountain Junior Baseball League, the sanctioning body for the league in which West Jeff Baseball is a member.

3. BOARD – The WJBB Board of Directors, as defined in the WJBB Bylaws.

4. ASSOCIATION – When capitalized, West Jeff Baseball.

5. association – When not capitalized, a youth sports or baseball organization that is not specifically West Jeff Baseball.

6. LEAGUE - WJBB teams are bracketed according to the Association:

“0” LEAGUE is the highest competitive LEAGUE in WJBB play

1st LEAGUE is the next highest competitive LEAGUE in WJBB play

2nd LEAGUE is the next highest competitive LEAGUE in WJBB play

3rd LEAGUE is the next highest competitive LEAGUE in WJBB play


7. DIVISION – RMJBL term used to define groups of LEAGUE levels within

each age group. This is typically some derivative of the following, with the potential for further subdivision into American and National subsets:

Major – “0” LEAGUE



A - 3rd LEAGUE


8. COACH CERTIFICATION – A WJBB Head Coach is certified when he/she has attended and completed:

• One (1) WJBB approved Coaches Clinics biannually. This requirement must be met by the specified deadline each applicable season.

• One First Aid Clinic (Head and Assistant Coaches must renew First Aid training every two years after initial certification and provide WJBB with proof of certification by the assigned deadline, which is no later than the first game). Failure to comply may result in coach suspension until the above items are complete.


9. RETURNING PLAYER – Any player who played on a WJBB team during the immediately preceding season of league play is considered a



10. NEW PLAYER – Any player who did not play on a WJBB team during the immediately preceding season of league play is considered a NEW



11. REGISTERED PLAYER – A player whose valid registration has been received by WJBB by the registration deadline, including completed

registration form and paid registration fee, is considered a REGISTERED PLAYER.


12. LATE PLAYER – Any NEW PLAYER or RETURNING PLAYER who registered with WJBB after the registration deadline.




14. PROTECTED PLAYER A RETURNING PLAYER that is also a REGISTERED PLAYER who has agreed to play on a ranked Coach’s team in the upcoming season and has clearly indicated a #1 preference to stay with their prior year’s team on their registration form.


15. RETURNING TEAM – A group of at least six (6) RETURNING PLAYERS who were all teammates on a WJBB team during the immediate

preceding season of league play, who will be playing on the same WJBB team during the current season. This is considered by RMJBL rules to be a RETURNING TEAM.


16. NEW TEAM – Any WJBB team that is not a RETURNING TEAM.


17. SKILL EVALUATIONS – West Jeff Baseball Skill Evaluations are conducted in order to more accurately help to bracket a player within his age group, based on his ability to contribute. This bracketing helps to place a player on the appropriate team in the appropriate LEAGUE for his individual ability.


18. BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Copy of State issued official Certificate of Live Birth.




1. All New Coaches and all Returning Coaches must submit a new Coach’s Application each season prior to the stated coach’s application deadline.


2. The approval and selection process of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for WJBB teams shall be given to the WJBB Coach Committee, with final approval from the BOARD.


3. Coaches in each age group are to be ranked by the WJBB Coach Committee prior each season. Ranking will result in the grading of Coaches, so that the highest graded Coach will coach the highest level team in his/her age group. The next highest graded Coach will coach the next highest level team in the age group, and so on.


4. The WJBB Coach selection process and the preliminary WJBB Coach Selection and ranking will take place as soon after tryouts as possible, and is based on the following criteria:

a. Past baseball coaching experience.

b. Past coaching experience in general.

c. Past baseball coaching experience within WJBB, although a Coach’s grading in a previous season will not automatically determine that Coach’s bracketing or grading in subsequent seasons.

d. Knowledge of the game of baseball.

e. Ability to coach.

f. Willingness to put in the time and effort required during the season.

g. Ability to create a positive experience for his/her team.

h. Information provided by the applicant to the WJBB Coach Committee by means of the annual Coach’s Application.

i. Comments submitted to WJBB on the Coach Evaluation Forms.

j. The WJBB Coach Committee’s view based on personal experience and the experiences of the WJBB community.

k. Information obtained by the WJBB Coach Committee Chairperson based on a mandatory criminal background check.


5. A background check will be ordered for all New and all Returning WJBB Coaches and assistant coaches before the beginning of each new season.

a. The background check is to be performed by one of the recognized companies that specialize in background checks.

b. Initial background check information is available to the WJBB Coach Committee Chairperson or designated representative exclusively.

c. Based on background check information, the WJBB CoachCommittee Chairperson or designated representative will determine if further discussion and investigation about a WJBB Coach applicant is necessary.

d. The WJBB Coach Committee Chairperson or designated representative will determine if, based on background check information, it is necessary to involve the entire Board.

e. The confidentiality of all background check information is a high priority for WJBB. Any unnecessary breach of this confidentiality will not be tolerated by the BOARD.


6. The coach’s committee and the WJBB board reserves the right to adjust final coach ranking based upon tryout results.


7. Assistant Coaches:

a. All WJBB Assistant Coaches must submit a Coach Application and must agree to a background check.

b. WJBB Assistant Coaches may be selected by a team’s Head Coach or may be assigned to a team by WJBB.

c. All WJBB Assistant Coaches must be approved by the Coach Committee.



1. Registration for WJBB will ONLY be conducted online for all new and returning players at:


2. A REGISTERED PLAYER is not guaranteed a spot on a WJBB team. Although WJBB attempts to accommodate all PLAYERS, sometimes this is not possible.


3. REGISTERED PLAYERS will take precedent over LATE PLAYERS.


4. A LATE PLAYER cannot be guaranteed to be placed on a team.


5. A LATE PLAYER cannot be guaranteed to be placed at an ability level in a LEAGUE where he would normally be bracketed within his age group.


6.  The registration form will allow RETURNING players/parents to prioritize their preferences among the following choices:

·      Return to the same team they played on in the prior season

·      Tryout for a higher-level team

·      Tryout for a lower level team

·      Play at the same level and move to a different coach

·      Tryout for an older age group


7.  The registration form will provide general definitions of what each “level” of baseball means for ages 8 and older.  These are not firm rules, but general guides for the parents to consider when indicating their preferences (outlined in B-6).



1. TRYOUTS are MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS with the following exceptions or provisions:

a.  All players who want to be considered for 8RC MUST ATTEND TRYOUTS

b.  All 9-year-old players who DID NOT play 8RC in the prior season MUST ATTEND TRYOUTS.  

c.  TRYOUTS are NOT mandatory for 9-year-old players who are protected from the prior year’s 8RC team.

d.  TRYOUTS are NOT mandatory for any protected players for 10-year-old and older teams.


2. UNLESS PROTECTED BY THE PRIOR YEAR’S TEAM, any player not attending TRYOUTS cannot be guaranteed to be placed on a team or in a LEAGUE where he would normally be bracketed.


3. TRYOUTS shall be conducted, age group by age group, at such a time and place as determined by the BOARD.


4. Multiple day TRYOUTS are permitted, but not required and not ordinarily conducted. It is to the PLAYERS’ advantage to attend the TRYOUTS on the day they are scheduled.


5. An additional TRYOUT within a particular age group may be held to determine final PLAYER bracketing, but is not required and not ordinarily conducted. Any such additional TRYOUT must be recommended by the Age Coordinator and approved by the BOARD.


6. TRYOUT results are made available to the Age Group Coordinator only, and are strictly confidential. The Age Coordinator may allow the TRYOUT results to be made available to Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches if the results are necessary to bracket and rank players. Breach of TRYOUT confidentiality by any party will not be tolerated by WJBB.


7. TRYOUT results and TRYOUT rankings are used as one of the criteria for bracketing players, and are not to be used as the only criteria. Teams are not formed based solely on TRYOUT results.



1. To the extent possible, WJBB Teams are formed according to ability not by a traditional draft selection process, with the exceptions outlined in II-D-9.


2. The WJBB Coach Selection Committee reevaluates all WJBB Coach Applications before each new season. By design:

a. WJBB Coaches do not automatically keep their position as a coach in WJBB from one year to the next.

b. WJBB Coaches do not automatically keep their ranked coaching position within their age group from one year to the next.

c. WJBB Coaches do not automatically return as the Coach of a RETURNING TEAM from the previous season.


3. By design, WJBB Teams do not necessarily remain intact from one year to the next, although they might. Exceptions are detailed in II-D-11.


4. The WJBB Age Group Coordinator will assist the Coaches in the process of Team formation, with the following objectives:

a. The top Team in each age group should be formed in most part with PLAYERS who can be described as the most skilled PLAYERS in that age group, using criteria outlined in II-E.

b. The number of PLAYERS on each team is not necessarily a set number, but we encourage consideration and fairness between coaches as to the number of players top teams select.

1) WJBB will accommodate a Coach’s request for a particular number of players, when possible.

2) Higher LEAGUES are more apt to have fewer players than lower LEAGUES.

3) Team sizes could be manipulated by WJBB to accommodate additional PLAYERS, a situation that is to be addressed on a case- by-case basis with the approval of the Age Group Coordinator.

4) It might be necessary to place LATE PLAYERS or non-TRYOUT players on a wait list.

5. The process of forming WJBB Teams is as follows:

a. The WJBB Age Group Coordinator may meet with the Coaches of their age group, including previous season Coaches if necessary, to

bracket and rank all of the available PLAYERS in that age group.

b. The #1 ranked Coach is the first coach to select PLAYERS, based on the criteria outlined in II-E.

c. The #2 ranked Coach will be the next coach to select PLAYERS, based on the criteria outlined in II-E.

d. The process of PLAYER selection continues in this manner, going down the list of ranked Coaches, until all WJBB Teams are filled, with the exceptions outlined in II-D-9.

e. The WJBB board reserves the right to modify this procedure on a case-by-case basis as circumstances warrant.

6.  Coaches of a returning team CAN PROTECT a maximum of 6 players from their prior season team.  Only those players who have registered by the registration deadline AND clearly indicated that their #1 priority is to play for the same team as last year are eligible to be protected. 

7.  Coaches and assistant coach’s sons/daughters must be included in their protect players.

8. UNPROTECTED PLAYERS cannot be guaranteed a spot or a position on a Team until the Team Formation process is completed and Team rosters are finalized.

9. “3rd League” Teams are to be formed as follows:

a. One “3rd League” Team in an age group will be formed according to the guidelines outlined in II-D-1 through II-D-8.

b. Two “3rd League” Teams in an age group will be formed according to the draft guidelines outlined in II-D-10, unless the two “3rd League”

Teams will be considered Neighborhood Teams, as detailed in section II-D-11.

c. Three or more “3rd League” Teams in an age group will be formed as follows:

      1) There will be only one Team in the age group considered as the #1 “3rd League” Team. This Team will be formed according to the guidelines outlined in II-D-1 through II-D-8.

       2) The other “3rd League” Teams in the age group will be formed according to the guidelines outlined in II-D-10, unless these “3rd League” Teams will be considered Neighborhood Teams, as detailed in II-D-11.


10. A traditional Draft process will be used only in the situation described in II-D-9 and will be conducted by the Age Group Coordinator as follows:

a. Each Head Coach can directly place a total of three (3) players, including the Head Coach’s son or sons, and up to two (2) Assistant

Coaches’ sons.

b. First round of draft selection order will be determined by a coin toss.

c. Subsequent rounds will be the reverse order of the previous round.

d. Coaches are asked to consider geographic limitations when drafting players, although this is not a requirement.

11. Neighborhood Teams:

a. A “3rd League” Team may be formed according to neighborhood with approval of the Age Group Coordinator.

     1) Formation of a WJBB neighborhood 3rd League Team is not mandatory.

      2) Formation of a WJBB neighborhood 3rd League Team will not automatically be approved.

b. A RETURNING TEAM “3rd League” Team that wishes to return as a Neighborhood Team may remain intact, or relatively intact, with the approval of the Age Group Coordinator.

     1) It is not mandatory that a RETURNING Neighborhood Team returns as a Neighborhood Team.

     2) It is not automatic that a RETURNING TEAM Neighborhood Team will return as a Neighborhood Team.

c. A WJBB Coach of a “3rd League” Neighborhood Team must be flexible to add other neighborhood players and/or to encourage previous year’s neighborhood players to play at a higher LEAGUE if necessary.

d. A “3rd League” Neighborhood Team that moves up a LEAGUE, does not necessarily remain intact from one year to the next, and will no longer be considered a Neighborhood Team.



1. No PLAYER will be placed on a WJBB team without making a legitimate attempt to attend TRYOUTS, with the exception of PLAYERS that are properly designated PROTECTED PLAYERS (per rules stated in C-1).


2. WJBB teams are not drafted “per se,” with the exceptions outlined in II-D-9. The #1 ranked coach is the first coach to select his PLAYERS from the available bracketed PLAYERS. This selection could be based on any of the following:

a. PLAYER’S rank within age group


c. Skill

d. Athletic Ability

e. Speed

f. Coachability

g. PLAYER Position

h. PLAYER Commitment

i. Parent Commitment

j. Desire

k. Parental involvement

l. PLAYER attitude and/or behavior

m. Parent(s) attitude and/or behavior

The WJBB Board reserves the right to modify this player selection process on a case-by-case basis.


3. A Coach may refuse to select a PLAYER for any reason.


4. No PLAYER will be forced to play up at a higher LEAGUE, with exceptions determined by the Age Group Coordinator. Exceptions could include, but are not limited to, safety concerns.


5. A PLAYER who is chosen by a Coach for a particular team, based on the criteria outlined in II-E-2, is not obligated to play for that Coach on that team.


6. Parental Requests for team placement are not encouraged by WJBB.


7. All available PLAYERS might not be selected for WJBB teams.


8. All non-selected PLAYERS will be placed on a WJBB wait list, and added to teams as soon as those teams and coaches are identified.



1. WJBB does not encourage Playing Up.


2. A younger PLAYER may automatically Play Up with his school class/grade level.


3. With a recommendation from the Age Group Coordinator, a PLAYER may be allowed to Play Up if he qualifies to Play Up at “0” League.


4. A PLAYER may not, as a rule, Play Up on any team that is not a “0” LEAGUE team, with the exceptions detailed in II-F-5.


5. With approval of the Age Group Coordinator, a PLAYER may be allowed to Play Up if any of the following conditions exist.

a. A younger PLAYER is at the top or near the top of his own age group and at the top or near the top of the Playing Up age group

1) The PLAYER must attend both age group TRYOUTS.

2) The PLAYER must be bracketed during both age group drafts.

3) The PLAYER must play at the highest LEAGUE of the Playing Up age group.

b. A younger PLAYER would otherwise be forced to play at a LEAGUE far below his ability because there is no team available in his own age group at the LEAGUE he would normally play.

c. A PLAYER was not selected by any team in his age group. With the approval of both Age Group Coordinators and the Playing Up team’s coach, the PLAYER could be added to a Playing Up team that is in need of players, regardless of that team’s LEAGUE.


6. Any PLAYER Playing Up must be playing at the highest LEAGUE at that age group in WJBB, with the exceptions detailed in II-F-5.


7. A PLAYER Playing Up will not play on a 3rd LEAGUE Playing Up team, with the exceptions detailed in II-F-5.


8. The Playing Up PLAYER will not displace a PLAYER who would otherwise qualify and be chosen to play on the Playing Up team.



1. Players may be referred to a RMJBL Area outside of their home area only in accordance with RMJBL Regulations and Rules of Play, available online at


2. No player referral is necessary to join a team not affiliated with the RMJBL.



1. The BOARD, with a recommendation by the Coach Committee and by majority vote of the BOARD, may immediately dismiss, discharge, or otherwise remove from duty any coach of a WJBB team for:

a. Failure to comply with the Bylaws, Regulations, Rules of Play, and policies and resolutions of WJBB, RMJBL, or any other sanctioning organization governing the coach’s activities.

b. Failure to protect the High School eligibility of any player assigned to his/her team.

c. Physically fighting with any person at any time before, during, or after any practice, game, or other team-related activity while serving in any capacity as a coach of a WJBB team.

d. Negligence, gross ignorance, or gross incompetence demonstrated while responsible for his/her team that places any player(s) in physical danger in excess of the normal customary risks associated with the game of baseball.

e. Failure to become reasonably well informed about the Rules of Baseball in order to teach the game to his/her players.

f. Failure to return to WJBB, any and all equipment issued to his/her team, within a time frame determined by the BOARD or a designated Committee thereof.

g. Any other action(s) detrimental to WJBB, the integrity of WJBB, or the image of WJBB, as determined solely and without recourse by the BOARD.

h. Failure to become CERTIFIED as a head coach through training offered by WJBB resources prior to coaching his/her second regular season. Coaches must renew First Aid training every two (2) years after initial certification.

j. It is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for dismissal or removal of any WJBB Coach, to provide any player and/or parents of WJBB or any other youth baseball organization, any intentionally misleading or deliberately incorrect information regarding any RMJBL and/or WJBB teams, persons, procedures, or policies.


2. Any request for investigation or removal of a WJBB Coach must be submitted in writing to the WJBB Coach Committee.


3. The Coach Committee will determine the validity of the request and may take one or more of the following actions without regard to any precedent:

a. Dismiss the request

b. Conduct an investigation

c. Advise the requesting person of the WJBB grievance procedure

d. Refer the situation to the BOARD


4. A request for the removal of a Coach by parents of team members must meet the following requirements for The Coach Committee to refer the situation to the BOARD for consideration:

a. Parent of any team may request the dismissal of either their team’s Head Coach or any of their team’s Assistant Coaches by submitting to the Coach Committee, in writing, the reason(s) for request of dismissal, provided they follow one of these two (2) conditions:

1) If at least one parent/legal guardian of two-thirds (2/3) of the PLAYERS on a team sign a written request for dismissal of a coach of their team, it is required that the Coach Committee or its representatives meet as soon as possible after receipt of request to consider possible dismissal.

2) If less than one parent/legal guardian of two-thirds (2/3) of the players on a team sign a request for dismissal of a coach of their team, the Coach Committee, or designated representatives thereof, shall contact the affected coach to discuss the situation. In this case, the Coach Committee or its representatives shall have the following options:

a) To call a team meeting to discuss and agree to a solution.

b) To place on probation or dismiss the coach for violation(s) listed in II-H-1.

c) To further investigate the situation.


5. The BOARD, at its sole discretion, may impose, by a majority vote, a period of probation on any coach for any misconduct listed in H-4 above. Any further violation by a coach on probation may be grounds for immediate dismissal.


6. Any Coach dismissed has the right to appeal for reinstatement to the BOARD. Such a coach must notify the President of WJBB of his/her intentions to appeal and the President may call a special meeting of the BOARD to hear such an appeal.


7. If a Head Coach is dismissed by the BOARD, the Age Group Coordinator for that age group shall appoint an interim Head Coach for the affected team, with the approval of the Board.



1. A WJBB Coach is to notify by phone or email the WJBB President (or designated representative) within 24 hours of an ejection.

2. A WJBB Coach is to submit a written report to WJBB no later than three (3) days following an ejection (email is preferred).

3. The ejected Coach will discuss the event with the WJBB President or his designated representative, either by phone or in person, as determined by the WJBB President.

4. Coach ejection will be addressed as follows:

a. 1st ejection may result in a one (1) game suspension, not including current game, with the option to impose a more severe or less severe penalty.

b. 2nd ejection in one season may result in a three (3) game suspension, not including current game, with the option to impose a more severe or less severe penalty.

c. 3rd ejection in one season may result in a one (1) year suspension, with the option to impose a more severe or less severe penalty.

d. WJBB Policy allows for a lifetime suspension if necessary.


5. Coach ejection penalties imposed by the RMJBL do not exclude WJBB coach ejection penalties.


6. WJBB may impose coach ejection penalties regardless of any action or non-action taken by the RMJBL.




1. For regular season RMJBL League play in 1st LEAGUE, 2nd LEAGUE, and 3rd LEAGUE:

a. All PLAYERS must Play at least two (2) innings in a defensive position in a game of five (5) innings or less.

b. All PLAYERS must play at least three (3) innings in a defensive position in a game of six (6) or more innings.

c. All PLAYERS must play in a regular spot in the team’s “bat the lineup” batting order.


2. For regular season RMJBL League play in “0” LEAGUE:

a. “0” LEAGUE Teams are to refer to current RMJBL Regulations and Rules of Play.

b. WJBB Mandatory Play Rules do not apply to “0” League Teams.

c. It is strongly recommended that Coaches inform team parents and PLAYERS prior to the start of the season of his/her policy concerning playing time.

d. Each player must play in a regular spot in the team’s “bat the line-up” batting order.


3. Mandatory Play Rules may be suspended as follows:

a. For any PLAYER, on a game-by-game basis only, who arrives at the site of a League game after the time specified by the Head Coach.

b. III-A-1-a,b may be suspended for any and all PLAYERS, if a League game is played less than the complete game, or a curfew is imposed that results in a shortened complete game. However, the intent to comply with the Mandatory Player Rule must be demonstrated by the Coach.

c. If a PLAYER is being disciplined. The PLAYER must be notified why he is being disciplined, and the PLAYER’S name and reason that he is not playing must be listed on the game score book. These game book sheets can be called for review by the BOARD.


4. The penalty for failure to knowingly and willingly abide by the WJBB Mandatory Play Rules may be:

a. First, a warning from the Coach Committee Chairperson.

b. Second, a one-game suspension imposed by the President of WJBB, with a recommendation from the Coach Committee.

c. Third, immediate dismissal as the Head Coach of the affected team imposed by the President of WJBB, with a recommendation from the Coach Committee.

d. Or, any other penalty approved by BOARD in its sole discretion without regard to any precedent.


5. Tournament Play:

a. WJBB Mandatory Play Rules apply for all WJBB tournaments, RMJBL Tournaments, and invitational tournaments that are a result of WJBB or RMJBL play.

b. No Mandatory Play Rules apply to tournaments other than those detailed in III-A-5-a.

c. It is strongly recommended that the regular season WJBB Mandatory Play Rules be followed during tournament play where WJBB Mandatory Play Rules would not normally apply.

d. It is also strongly recommended that Coaches inform team parents and PLAYERS prior to the start of the season and prior to tournament play, of his/her policy concerning tournament playing time where WJBB Mandatory Play Rules do not apply.


6. Further, the BOARD reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis in its sole discretion and without regard to precedent, to impose additional mandatory play rules on any team.



1. All WJBB teams will play all league games in WJBB approved uniforms, available through WJBB uniform sources.

a. Pants, top and hat

b. Individual Evergreen teams may choose blue or gold accessories

c. Individual Confer teams may choose green or silver accessories

d. Individual teams in a high school area may choose to utilize the colors of the appropriate school for accessories.

2. All WJBB teams are to be identified as West Jeff, Evergreen, Conifer, Idaho Springs, or Platte Canyon only.

3. A team that would like to have a specific color accessories may do so, providing the request is made early enough to order the uniforms.

4. Individual teams may have extra undershirts printed with the approved West Jeff logo and identifying player number after submitting a design and receiving the approval from the Uniform Committee.

5. Special items and accessories that do not conform to the above guidelines, including special hats, must be pre-approved by the WJBB Uniform Committee.

6. WJBB will not reimburse for any uniform items or accessories that can not be used because they were not pre-approved.

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