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Competitive Coach Requirements

Coaches for Age Groups 8-14 (Competitive league):
This will be your main resource page for taking the necessary steps to properly form your team for competitive baseball. This page will also provide information and links to other documents you may find helpful as well as outline important coach requirements. (All coaches need to undertake a background check, and complete basic first aid and CPR training. Specifics follow below under March timelines.) Our volunteer coaches are a critical piece of a successful youth baseball program. If you haven't already, please consider coaching or encouraging others to help coach, as we work together in the development of youth baseball players.

Here is a sequence of what coaches need to know based on normal timelines.

When WJBB Competitive league registration opens, choose "Volunteer Opportunity" to choose a coaching or team manager position.

Skill evaluations for players are held in mid-September each year. Please encourage all your previous years' players to attend this mandatory event for Competitive team placement.

Coaches will be notified by the WJBB Board in the weeks following skill evaluations as to their coaching status. Coaches are selected and ranked using a number of factors including coach evaluations, record in the league, record against other West Jeff teams, and where the coach's child ranks in the skill evaluation results.

Team formations are held in mid-October. Assuming you are picked as a Head Coach, you will attend the draft and select your team. Once you've contacted and confirmed with each family, you will submit your official roster to the WJBB GM.

Once you've been given the go-ahead by the WJBB GM, this is a good time to undertake your background check. The background check will take about 2 minutes to fill out. It is absolutely required. The background check information can be found here:

After the draft, make sure you've got good contact information (cell phones, home phones, emails) for all your parents.

Select a team name and have your players select jersey numbers. Please provide this information to the WJBB GM by email prior to November 30 or as soon as it's available. 

Set up a team meeting between now and mid-January where you can introduce yourselves to the players and parents, set expectations, talk about possible tournaments to attend during the season and their costs, solicit for assistant coaches and parent helpers (scorekeepers, team parent, etc.), and discuss any other pre-season team business. 

At your parent meeting, there are a few documents you should collect or get filled out at that time:

1) You should email the Medical Form to your parents and then collect them at this meeting. The medical form can be found at:

This form should be with you at all games, tournaments, and practices.

2) Collect copies of each player's birth certificate (and current report card for players who are playing at League Grade Age).
These should be with you at all tournaments in case there are questions about any of your players' eligibility to play.

By December 30, please provide a final list of your Assistant Coaches to the WJBB GM. Please make sure that each assistant has begun a coach application and background check.

Uniform try-on and ordering takes place in January-February. Each year there will be several emails regarding uniform try-on dates and deadlines. Be diligent getting your parents to get their uniforms ordered. You can find more information regarding uniforms by clicking on our Uniform tab in the left hand navigation. Make sure to plan accordingly and order by the early deadline if you will be in early-season tournaments or are a 14U team (their schedule starts earlier than others). 

In early January, WJBB will be asking for blackout dates, division of play (AA American, AA National, AAA American, AAA National), and preferred practice times. Email your parents and ask them for dates that cause conflicts such as choir and band nights, outdoor labs, Spring Break, field trips etc. RMJBL will allow you to block a few days, meaning that they won't schedule a league game on that day.

Plan on a mandatory coach meeting in January-February with the WJBB Scheduler and GM to go over protocols, practice allocations, scheduling, etc. Start working on your coach requirements before you start practicing.

If you want to start doing some indoor practices to knock the dust off, please note this will be a team expense. There are some area batting cages, and you can rent elementary school gymnasiums for indoor practice for $15–$17 per hour. Contact the school secretary to make your own arrangements. You can tell them you're with WJBB so that they utilize our insurance, but make sure the billing goes directly to your or your team parent. Make sure this is not a hardship for some families. Check your Coach Resource book for other practice ideas.

Practice field allocations will be released as soon as we can. Fields will not typically be groomed until March, but you can get on your field as soon as it is assigned and open. For 2021, grass fields can not be practiced on until March 1, 2021 (or when they are released to WJBB, whichever comes first).

In late February or early March we will have an equipment checkout date. You will be informed of the exact date and time via email. You will pick up your equipment at our storage unit at Evergreen Self Storage, 30705 Bryant Drive, Evergreen. If the head coach can not attend, please make arrangements for an assistant or parent to pick up at the assigned time.

Coach Requirements are due March 1 or before a team's first practice. (**See Details Below)

If you haven't already, it's time to register for tournaments WJBB highly encourages you to play tournaments each season! Find more information about tournaments in the Coach Resource book updated and delivered to coaches each season.

To access the RMJBL site as a Coach, use your prior year access info. New coaches will have access generated for them from the league. Make sure you get this and that you sign up for text alerts! Make sure your contact information is accurate in your WJBB account so other coaches can reach you.

**IMPORTANT - Coach Requirements in a Nutshell

Even as a volunteer coach there are several "requirements" you must fulfill before stepping on the field! Some are Colorado State Law, some are RMJBL requirements, some are West Jeff Baseball requirements, and most are actually required by all three entities. These requirements must be completed prior to March 1 each year, or before you begin practices:
1) A WJBB-approved Coaches Clinic.
(Dates and details will be provided year to year)

   <> This requirement is to be met biannually.
   <> This is a Head Coach requirement. It must be completed your first year as a Head Coach and then it must be met biannually. 

2) A Concussion Education course consistent with Colorado State law.
   <> This requirement is to be met annually.
   <> Head and Assistant Coach requirement.
Complete the free, online concussion training annually. This course takes approx. 40 min.
Either provide proof of attendance at a First Aid & Concussion Clinic on your own/or via other sports requirements each year; or take the online First Aid/CPR course found here:

Tips: Create an account. Select the Concussion in Sports course. Complete the course and send proof of training to WJBB GM.  

3) A First Aid/CPR Course
   <> This requirement is to be met biannually.
   <> Head and Assistant coach requirement.
Any new head coaches need to complete the online first aid/CPR training. Thereafter, it needs to be completed every other year.
This course takes approx. 25 min. and has a $14.95 reimbursable fee.

Email your proof of training and your receipt for reimbursement to the WJBB GM.
(If you have been certified through this or other sports/community events/corporate trainings within the last 2 years, send a copy of that certificate; if you shared your certificate with WJBB last year, it will be on record, but please confirm.)

4) Background check.
   <> This requirement is to be met annually.
   <> Head and Assistant Coach requirement.
A free, confidential background check; this is done annually; create an account or sign in to get started. Results will be sent to you and to the WJBB GM and are kept confidential.

5) Coaches Code of Ethics.
  <> This requirement is to be met annually.
  <> This is a Head Coach requirement.
Download file, complete, and return it to the WJBB GM. 

Due to increasing state legal requirements being placed on youth sports, coaches will be suspended from coaching in the event all of the above items are not properly on file prior to March 1. Suspended coaches will not be allowed to participate at practices, games, or tournaments until the suspension is lifted. WJBB will notify all governing organizations (RMJBL, USSSA, CABA Colorado, and Triple Crown Sports) of your team’s suspension. EPRD will be notified that your practice field is to be closed for use during your scheduled time (or WJBB will alot it to another team). Your team will not be able to play any games or practice until the suspension is lifted by WJBB. 
(Note: Level III and 14 age group coaches must meet the requirements by March 1 of each year or when practices begin.)


On or about April 1 of each year, we will send an email to your parents informing them of the approved Coaches for your team for the season. Only coaches that have fulfilled all of the requirements will be allowed at practices, games and tournaments.

League games generally start the first week of April and go through June. Our 14-year-old teams start earlier in the season (typically mid-March) to accommodate high school/Level 111/summer ball.

In addition to having each player's Medical Form with you at all games and practices, you should have your team proof of insurance and players' birth certificates (or current report card if playing by league grade age), with you at all tournaments. The insurance certificate can be found on this page: 

The RMJBL, USSSA and CABA sites all have various rules that all Coaches should know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your age group coordinator, the GM, or a WJBB board member.

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